Interglobal logistics Zambia limited is a Company that pursues an outsourcing strategy. Unlike self- contained logistic companies, we do not have our own means of conveyance such as airplanes, cargo ships or trucks. However, this is a considerable advantage for our customers because our planners are completely free to select the best partner for each task. Interglobal Logistics Zambia Limited, can therefore offer you an optimum solution to any shipping problem, tailored to your exact requirements.


  • Customer service: To surpass customer’s expectation consistently.
  • Leadership by example: To set standards in our business and transaction and be an example for the industry and ourselves.
  • Integrity: To be ethical, sincere and committed to business and customers.
  • Fairness: To be objective and result oriented and thereby earn trust and respect.
  • Excellence: To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams and our services for growth and development       


Interglobal! Shipment delivered on time with no hassle.