Interglobal logistics Zambia limited, has a highly experienced customs department, with huge experience in the clearance of many key industries such as mining / fashion / paper / liquors / automotive / retail and hi-tech.

Working through Customs Tariff, checking anti-dumping duties, quotas and applying for import licenses can be a tedious and time consuming job. In addition, mistakes can prove to be disastrous, especially if fines are imposed, and possibly backdated.

Attention to detail is the key in our service, with all documents returned to you in a folder specifically designed to comply with The Zambia revenue Authority

Interglobal logistics Zambia limited is electronically aligned to Zambia revenue Authority to, ensuring rapid clearance together with automatic updating of records, tariff concessions and other statistical codes.

Our Services include:

  • Customs Clearance for both import and export goods
  • Electronic Entry of Import and export Document
  • Tariff Classification Advice
  • Statistical Reports
  • Technical Valuation and Legislation Advice
  • Tariff Concession Applications


Interglobal! Shipment delivered on time with no hassle.