Interglobal logistics Zambia limited is a dynamic and modern Logistics company based in Lusaka, Zambia which was formed in the year 2015 as to meet the requirements of our customers from industry and commerce, our transportation and customs handling services are available 24/7.

Interglobal logistics Zambia limited has been offering its customers a complete range of shipping services since 2015. International truckload shipments are just as much a part of our everyday work as global air or sea freight shipments. In addition, the associated customs formalities are handled by our own highly qualified staff.

Our range of service leaves nothing to be desired: Interglobal Logistics Zambia limited organizes and executes unusual special shipments just as reliably as conventional everyday shipments and we complete complex tasks with the same level of care as small ones. This is ensured by our dedicated team, which is able to overcome any challenge with ease.

Those who leave their goods in the hands of others must be able to trust their partners. Your faith in our logistic company will always be rewarded with uncompromising quality in all services. Every employee at Interglobal Logistics Zambia Limited is always willing to take on more responsibility, which is best reflected in the fact that our management staff is actively involved in day- to- day operations.


Interglobal logistics Zambia limited mission is to provide quality, reliable and effective business through its qualified efficient staff. The company is also committed to offering valued advice to our customers in shipping schedules, imports and exports related issues as well as follow up and expedite client’s cargo. Our aim is to top the industry and become one of the most logistics, clearing and forwarding companies in all our operations ports and Zambia at large.


Is to be the best, affordable, reliable logistic company in all the ports of operations for fast clearing and shipping of cars and goods through competitive rates and professionalism.


Interglobal! Shipment delivered on time with no hassle.